"They are truly an example of fine art. They have a silent beauty that bridges all bounds of language and culture."
James John Baren : U.S.A.

"Whether it is the classical dolls of the Ramakien, or those dressed in traditional or other classical costumes, these dolls beautifully portray the brilliance of color, the exotic charm and the natural grace of the Thai people."
Alexander Bowie : Pacific Magazine

"It is most skillfully executed creation which is alive and dazzling. My family and I are most proud to possess this exquisite work of art..."
James Fitcher : U.S.A.

"When a tourist comes to Bangkok, one of his "musts" is to pay a visit to Bangkok Dolls workshop where Mrs.Tongkorn Chandavimol supervises the making of the exquisite hand made silk dolls."
Bangkok World Magazine

"We had difficulty finding the factory. However the experience of meeting this fascinating lady was well worth the search. This has made this day wonderful."
Dianne Kelly & Margaret Kent : Australia

"Having tea in Bangkok
On a bright and sunny day
Holding hands and visiting
Many miles away
Memories forever
We're friends so far apart
A doll brought us together
And friendship fills our heart"
Florence Stigliano : U.S.A.

"Mrs. Kallet and I want to thank you for making our visit with you today so memorable. It was a highlight of our trip to Thailand, not only are your Bangkok Dolls truly works of art, but you are a special lady. You are charming and worldly and at the same time a very warm and sweet person. When we left, both my wife and I felt we had met and made a friend of a very exceptional person..."
Stephen Kallet : U.S.A.